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Top 10 Side Hustles For Authors

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

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Top 10 Side Hustles For Authors

For many being an author especially in this day and age is very much a side hustle in itself. With the accessibility of self publishing now, those who used to dream of one day publishing their novel have already realised that goal but what about the earnings? For most indie authors out there it can often be soul destroying to have the expressive heart of a writer only to work the majority of your time away in a job that doesn't fulfil you. Are there other ways of making money as an author other than trying to promote your books?

Here are a list of 10 side hustles that might help feed your soul and fill your wallet.

  1. Freelance Writing: Offer your writing skills for blog posts, articles, website content, or social media. Believe it or not there are a number of websites out there that will pay you to write for them. Be it news sites, magazines or blog sites. Check out some of the freelancer websites out there.

  2. Online Tutoring: Teach subjects you're proficient in through online platforms. If you're a writer, there is no doubt you have other skills that you can teach. Why not look at the skills you have and produce an online course? Don't restrict yourself to online either. See about setting up a new workshop or class for your local community.

  3. Graphic Design: Digital products are often most cost effective. If you're proficient at writing, you could also be proficient with graphic design. Why not trawl through the internet and offer to create logos, banners, and other visual content for businesses and individuals. You can even sell packaged social media packs on Etsy.

  4. Virtual Assistant: This is actually one of the more underrated opportunities but highly recommended. Why not provide administrative, scheduling, or social media management assistance to busy professionals. Make sure to offer tasks or services you feel comfortable in.

  5. Ecommerce: This is one of the biggest industries on the planet right now. Ecommerce is online retail. You don't need huge capital to become an ecommerce seller either and yes you can sell digital products. That book you published with KDP well there are other print-on-demand products you could try selling. Granted this one requires a bit more effort but it could work out to be a profitable side hustle. Sell products through platforms like Etsy, eBay, or Amazon FBA and even TikTok Shop.

  6. Web Development: If you're an adept with template based websites like Wix or Shopify, why not offer to build a website for those looking for one. Most websites work more or less the same and with a bit of research you can quite effectively master the basics.

  7. Rideshare or Delivery Driver: If you can drive and own a car why not use your car to earn a little extra? There are a number of companies out there that are looking to hire drivers such as Uber, Amazon Shipping or food delivery companies like Deliveroo or Just Eat.

  8. Content Creation (YouTube, Podcasts, Blogging): You can make money from content creation but much like the ecommerce option this might require a little more time and effort. Be prepared for the long game with this though unless you come up with an overnight viral hit building an engaging channel or brand on platforms like YouTube, podcasts, or your own blog does take time.

  9. Pet Sitting/Dog Walking: Like dogs or pets? Great. Why not offer to pet sit for people's pets or offer dog-walking services. It could definitely be an option if you are looking to make some extra cash each week.

Remember to choose a side hustle that aligns with your skills, interests, and available time. Side hustles can become full time gigs if you choose to put in the work but the list above are some viable options if you're an indie author or other. Additionally, consider the potential earnings and any necessary investments (time or money) required for each option.

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