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If We Are Heading For WWIII: Here's What You Should Know

Futuristic soldier
World War 3

This is in light of the recent announcement that UK citizens could face conscription if the UK government decides to go to war with Russia. Theoretically a move like this could spark World War III. If We Are Heading For WWIII: Here's What You Should Know;

When I first moved back from Ireland, I actually tried for the army. I've also worked in companies over the years that had both military and governmental contracts. The industry (because it is an industry) died shortly after Iraq and Afghanistan. Why? They were wars based on lies. Top to bottom. Then what happened next; you had thousands of men and women come back traumatised and a lack of sufficient aftercare provided for them. Thousands if not millions of pounds are also spent on outdated and archaic ceremonial materials (some of it absolutely ridiculous tripe) in a pretence to instil a sense of patriotism. Don't get me wrong I know the military also have a hand in good. They carry out various projects in poorer countries in the world by building homes, teaching skills etc but all in all it is outweighed by the simple fact that most of these countries are poor because the military and government at some point invaded and exhausted these countries' resources.

Simpler terms; rich people fight wars and come out unscathed.

The cost of living crisis has already seen millions fall below the poverty line and this recent move of the goal posts for what's deemed an admirable income has simply created more divide and resentment from the general population.

I have a few theories on what is to come and just for the sake of argument this is speculative. My views are my own and don't reflect my employers or people I know.

Practical advice right now;

  • Save whatever money you can and also have cash to hand. Where possible have more cash than digital

  • Don't doom scroll and for now carry on as normal

  • Stock up on low perishables, vitamins and pharmaceuticals (basic over the counter stuff may skyrocket in price this year)

  • Household/cleaning supplies also may rise in price (don't panic buy)

  • Learn home remedies and make sure you have stock of those

  • Be prepared for electrical outages (candles, blankets)

  • Offline distractions - books, board games, crafting etc

  • Invest in battery powered devices (power banks etc)

  • Learn some mindfulness techniques and research tips for dealing with panic/anxiety attacks

  • Have a crisis plan in place (where, who, emergency bag, clothes, passport, food, essentials, money)

  • Start exercising now, be it cardio or weights or both (no need to join gyms)

  • Learn and accept what is within your control and what isn't. Think what can you immediately do to change a situation, if it's nothing then think about ways to distract your mind

  • Don't engage in unnecessary debates or arguments online or where anything can be recorded. If something annoys you switch off or switch apps

  • Be aware that if you openly call out anything online or criticise the government you may risk fines, prosecutions, blacklisting etc yes censorship will get worse

  • The mainstream news is not your friend or best source material. It's important to research unbiased/ground sources

  • It's also good to inform friends/family but if they don't want to know or listen then don't push and focus on your own well being instead

  • I know most can't afford to anyway but avoid large purchases

  • Now is as good a time as any to create and share. Don't worry about audience reception or profitability

Avoid doom talk or doom thoughts, the above is preparation enough for worst case scenario so also prepare for best case scenario. If you found this helpful then be sure to subscribe to the blog or equally to my YouTube channel. I have no aspirations of becoming a philosopher or guru but if I feel like I have something of value to share then I'll share it for free. Ideally I want to become a millionaire from my creative works so be sure to do all that good stuff by visiting my stores or buying my books. Stay awesome, stay classy, be kind!

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