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Nexus: Book One

‘An unsettling wave of trepidation filled Brianna as she stared into those jet, black pools that lacked any semblance of spirit. Of life. She was staring into the abyss and could only imagine what horrors would crawl up from their bitter, plummeting depths. She had come from Bedlam and would soon begin her descent into hell.’


Brianna Lane, a plucky and cynical waitress, is taken from the dreary, metropolis of Bedlam to the mystifying and treacherous realm of Thensera. It is there, that the waitress, abruptly finds herself in the midst of a universal war between the forces of order and chaos.


Deemed the ‘Champion of Light’ and aided by her devoted guardians, Brianna, embarks on a quest to unlock the Veritas; an ancient power source that is - the key - to closing a great, hell mouth.


Plagued by relentless demons, nightmarish fiends, merging realms and other tormenting trials, Brianna’s biggest adversity may be her own crippling, self-doubt.'

Reader Reviews

Nexus: Book One - Chapter OneHannah Douglas
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Chapter One Read By Hannah Douglas

Book Trailer

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