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Filmmaker Series: Scott Vickers

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Filmmaker series spotlight filmmaker
Scott Vickers

Introduce yourself

My name is Scott Vickers. I’m a film director / writer. I’m originally from Cheshire and moved back here a few years ago.

What initially got you into filmmaking?

I studied performing arts from a young age and began my career in musical theatre but was always drawn to film and TV. The big realisation came when I began working as a screen actor, as soon as I stepped on set and knew I wanted to be on the other side of the camera and be a creative so I began studying it, started out by studying photography and cinematography in my early twenties and never really stopped studying all areas from screen writing to editing, to distribution.

Scott Vickers on set
Scott directing 'Square'

Who are your biggest influences and why?

David Lynch – I vividly remember watching the 1984 Dune over and over when I was very young, maybe 12 / 13 – it was so visceral and affecting, it kicked off my love of film and without knowing it my love of the Myth story structure as well.

David Fincher – For me Fincher is one of the all time great storytellers. He combines incredible knowledge of cinematography, editing with an obvious talent for script and story. Fight Club is a film I have studied shot to shot.

James Cameron – Aliens and Terminator 2 were big inspirations for me. Cameron has an incredible talent for using the Myth structure and combining it with other story forms.

Robert Rodriguez – His book A Rebel Without A Crew motivated me learn all areas of film production and to find a way to make films when there’s little or no money.

How important is film as a medium and art form in the world, today?

I believe film can move a person more deeply than any other medium. Combining sound / music, vision and story is a powerful way to illustrate emotion and the human condition.

Do you have a set process when making film?

I draw inspiration from everywhere; sometimes it’s a news story, or a book or even another film. If something creates a certain reaction or response in others or in me my creative side tends to kick in. I look for themes and stories that illustrate growth, evolution and struggle.

Behind the scenes of Matriarch
On set of 'Matriarch'

What has been your favourite film to work on and why?

Matriarch. Firstly I loved the sheer creativity of it, I wrote the script to fit the locations and the budget (which was miniscule). So the landscape, the setting and ‘limitations’ influenced the plot. It proved that it’s possible to achieve amazing things through creativity and when a group of people come together with a shared goal and are committed to achieving it, in that scenario great things can happen regardless of money. The cast and crew on Matriarch did not to do it for the money that’s for sure. We were told it was impossible to shoot in 12 days which we needed to do due to the budget but we did it and incredibly the film won Best Film at Glasgow Horror Fest, achieved a limited theatrical release in the UK and USA and was bought by Lionsgate.


Written & Directed by Scott Vickers

Lionsgate 2019

Which genre do you enjoy working in?

All genres. As long as it’s a great story and with great actors I enjoy it.

Is filmmaking your primary source of income?

It is my primary source, but I also train and coach actors, performers and filmmakers. I’ve just co-founded a new company called INTERACT. It allows actors to connect with myself and other active directors and industry professionals for coaching and training. This includes INTERACT MINDSET methodology which I’m so passionate about and supports actors with their mind. Something that I see on every job and in every audition is actors struggling with the psychological aspect of what they do. And it happens to artistes at all levels.

I’ve seen some of the most talented, experienced and well known actors struggle which the mental aspect and so I set out to create something truly effective to support actors with that. The techniques that we use was introduced to me by my wife who works with leaders in organisations all over the world. The methodology isn’t readily available for the public and I wanted to change that. The transformations I’ve seen in people has been incredible so I’m really excited to get it out there.

What is your definition of success?

To live a purposeful life doing something that you enjoy and is rewarding. Being able to have fun often and spend time with your loved ones.

What advice can you give our readers, should they wish to pursue filmmaking?

Just write and shoot anyway you can and put it out there, it’s best way to learn. If it’s a documentary choose a topic that interests you and get out there and interview people. Join forces with other creative people who are passionate and motivated. One thing that I have really learnt is you can’t do it all on your own; collaborate with likeminded people. If it’s narrative stuff you like I recommended learning about story structure and reading books on screenwriting like Save The Cat by Snyder, Writers’s Journey by Vogler, Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, books by John Truby…. you can’t make a good film from a bad script.

Do you ever suffer from creative burnout? How do you combat it?

Never creatively, I have so much I want to make and not enough time!

Distorted image of explosion

What projects are you currently working on?

Catalyst – Action Thriller

When The Music Stops – a film about a commercial dancer within the music industry

Black and white eery

Night Breed – a vampire horror set in the Peak District.

Also a top secret Mockumentary about

Actors which I’m not allowed to say much about!

What are your hopes for the future?

To make the above projects and also be a director that great writers and producers want to work with, I’d love to shoot other peoples material.

Lastly where can people find you?

Twitter - ScottRVickers

Instagram - ScottRVickers

Directors Member UK badge
Scott is a member of Directors UK

Are you a filmmaker? Want to be interviewed? Please get in touch and fill out your contact details;

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