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THEOSIGHT New Webseries Coming Soon

"Theosight" produced by newly founded 'Luna Kaynak Productions' is coming soon. We have just finished filming the pilot episode which will hopefully also serve as episode 1 of a multi-series, supernatural, dark-comedy web show.

Leah Solmaz stars as Theo Heath, a skeptic who begins to question reality after having a series of disturbing visions. None of this is helped when a desperate, drug mule, Shaun, played by Alex Bourne decides to follow Theo home one night, claiming no one else can see him because he died. Theo's quirky and naive, roommate; Riley Chambers, played by Kiah Reeves, finds the whole incident really cool and is first to deem Theo's newfound psychic abilities as a gift ... or rather a business opportunity.

-"Theo's skeptic. Riley's optimistic. Shaun's dead."-

Please head over to the official website to stay up to date

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